Essay topics which earn A’s

Everyone knows that writing is the best way to master the language.

Theory is great yet it renders no good without proper use on a blank sheet of paper. This is exactly why students frequently have to develop various essay topics. It is here where problems usually start.

However, the following method will help you avoid many sleepless nights trying to generate a splendid subject.

7 main types of essay topics

The choice in favor of a certain theme is determined by the type of essay you have to introduce.


Share a story about yourself, your life, ideas and worldview. Any essay topic from this section has to tell about something that happened earlier and how exactly it has influenced you. Some of the greatest examples to inspire you are:

3 Gadgets I Can’t Live Without, My Father Was Right, Something Nobody Knows About My Aunt, How Embarrassing!


Do you like history, culture or phycology? Then essay topics in social studies will suit you the most. Here are a couple of themes which might give you a hint:

WWII And Women, Welcome The President, Renting vs Owning A Flat, Eastern Europe Architecture and Style, Television – My Enemy Or Friend?


Writing about yourself might be confusing. Modesty is our virtue, right? However, once you start, the locomotion of your word-flow will stop only with the final period. Still there are essay topics which will definitely add some excellent fuel into the combustion chamber of your creativity. Here they are:

How I Met My Best Friend, A Failure Which Made Me Stronger, My Way To Spend $1,000,000, Never Have I Felt So Awkward


First and foremost, you’ll have to think of two things which are similar and different at a same time. After you come up with a smart essay topic and make the list of characterizing features, you could finally start writing.

Talking to Your Mom and Talking to Your Dad, Physical Attraction to Inner Connection, Rally Cross to Formula One, Ideal Hurricane and Ideal Tornado


What idea will make you stick to your guns and defend your point of view till the tongue goes soar? This is the essay topic you are looking for. Just give it a time to think about and DO suggest evidence, proof and quotes to assert everyone you are right. Usually starts with a controversial question:

Are Java Developers Being Paid Too Much? Why Don’t We Need To Teach Religion In Schools? What Age Is Fine For Drinking?


It’s pretty much similar to the argument type. However, student’s essay topics are less provocative and contradictory. Tell about something you’re excited about yet without pressing it too much. Just like here:

We Shouldn’t Pay For Low-Quality MP3 Music, Bikers Must Earn Their License, Bankers Have To Be Sent To Jail


Choose an event and explain why it happened or what the consequences were. The scope of possible essay topics is next-to-infinite. Take a look at some of the most inspiring titles:

How My Mom Lost The Job, My First And The Last Bank Loan, How My Sister Lied Once, The Rise Of E-Bay, Of Modern Internet And Its Gains

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