Mytrahtalks provides a great platform for budding entrepreneurs, people who wish to share their success stories, and those who believe in making a difference in their respective fields or society in general.

Several luminaries in their respective space make presentations and enlighten the audience with their success formula and how they worked towards their goals.

If you have the ideas and the belief to bring a change, Mytrahtalks is a right platform for you to showcase your work.

More details:

Submissions can be made by students, faculty members and researchers.

Some indicative focus areas of submissions are:
• Renewable energy: Topics related to efficient processes of generation from various sources (wind, solar, biomass, tidal, others), materials used for power generation, energy storage, smart grids, etc.
• Social entrepreneurship: Topics related to various cultural and environmental issues, models for social impact, for-profit social venture business models, etc.
• Sustainable development: Ideas to halt biodiversity loss, promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, combat desertification and land degradation, etc.
• Data science: Use of data science-based methods as an enabler of sustainable development

Research/Case study abstracts are due by Tuesday September 25th, 2018.

Agenda for 16th October, 2018:

Welcome address
Brief by director/dean
Screening of Mytrah movie – Power Men of Mytrah
Presentation by Sonam Wangchuk
Q & A Session by Sonam Wangchuk
Band Performance
Presentation by Mytrah
Student Case Studies
Screening of Mytrah Movie – Mytrah 4.0
Guest Case Study
Panel discussion followed by Q/A
Band Performance
Felicitation Ceremony
Screening of Mytrah movie – CSR movie
Vote of Thanks
Networking Session


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